Laptop Repairs

Firstly, if your computer is sick – don’t panic!

Give me a call, this isn’t the end of the world. Even if you have fried this little buddy I can normally retrieve all that important data that you didn’t get around to backing up.

Laptop repairs from broken screens to too tight hinges, cracked corners to dodgy keyboards, these are routine fixes. Motherboards take a little longer. Just don’t despair – call me, and we’ll see what we can do because it is going to be cheaper and quicker than a whole new machine.

Software & Hardware Upgrades

Computer running slow? Some online site tells you that the machine you bought two years ago can’t run the program you want? Zoom less than zoomy? Startup takes so long you can make tea, and drink it? All these problems can be solved with a little TLC, a tweaking of your software, and maybe an upgrade in your hardware. I can perform a routine clean installation, retain your data, and update your machine to have it back to it’s original speed or better. Don’t spend your cash on an upgrade just yet, consider a service to keep your tech serving you for longer.

Laptops for school and college


Every child needs a laptop these days, it’s essential. It’s one of the reasons I spend so much time refurbishing laptops because during the pandemic, when people were teaching the children at home, I had so many requests from desperate parents for budget laptops.

I now hold a stock of good, solid, reasonably priced laptops that will see a child right through school and onto college. They have good battery life, are capable of being kept up to date, and won’t break the bank.

For those about to head off to university or college I have robust machine ready to make the journey with you.

Malware and virus recovery


Every now and then something slips through Windows Defender, or we do something a bit dim, or the malware and the black hat hackers just get the best of us (temporaily). If you think your have a virus on your computer, have been the victim of a virus or malware attack, or are just worried about security give me a call.

I can clean your computer, amp up your security, and if necessary retrieve your data. Data recovery is a vital part of the services I offer – I’ve retrieved accounts, precious photographs, college essays, all in the last year. If you are based in Pembrokeshire and need this service, give me a call to discuss your problem.